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Healing Waters Academy 
Satellite Schools of Healing, Holistics, Meditation 
and Spiritual Development

Welcome to Beacons of Light 

Healing Waters Academy ~ Satellite Schools

We are a long established privately owned Academy of The Healing Arts, Holistics, Meditation, Psychic and Spiritual Development based near the borders of beautiful Malvern / Worcester UK. We have been asked over many years if we can travel to different venues to teach our wide range of courses we have on offer. At long last we now can offer the facility to "Teach the Teachers" some of our courses and masterclasses which have been developed and nurtured here at HWA. These bespoke and channelled courses could only be taught from here in the past.But NOW is the time to widen the circle... to ignite Beacons of Light across the globe. 

Satellite Schools

Satellite Schools ~ Beacons of Light 

  • Have you ever thought that you would like to do something on the lines of circles or workshops in spiritual or meditation but didn't know where to start?
  • Perhaps not having the confidence to be a course provider 
  • Would you like to begin to teach some of HWA 's Healing, Holistic and Spiritual courses,which you will only find here at HWA?
We have had many conversations the 14 years in business that others have wished they could do something like us or that there is nothing like this in their neck of the woods. I have always said well... you could begin your own...only to be met with a shocked look, So here lies your opportunity. 
As spiritual beings we need more and more of these types of schools or even just evening circles to be around... as more and more people are looking for spiritual sustenance.  
We will hold your hand for the first few months, we will help you to develop and to grow...  always just a heart beat away!
It will be your business not ours.. we just want you to shine!
You will have access to all the paperwork and information you need to run a course and also any updates that are needed. 

Teaching The Teachers

Professional Training Courses

After taking a course here at HWA, you may then decide if you would like to teach the subject.

This obviously will involve further training and being linked back here to the Healing Waters Hub. 

"Like beacons of spiritual light of leylines on the earth"

There will be a variety of training modules that you can take to develop your own Satellite School.


There are many roads up the mountain...

There will be plenty of continuing professional development courses, so you can advance at your own pace. 

Spiritually, we don't know everything there is to know ... and we don't expect you to either!

Energy portals and Spiritual gateways open when we each are ready... relax... let go and shine your light... 

Pictures courtesy of Dickinson Photography ~ Thank you